External databases

Limited access ∙ https://www.szaktars.hu

This database contains the high quality resources of the main Hungarian publishing houses, including Osiris, L'Harmattan, Gondolat, Kronosz, Attraktor, Mentor, Kortárs, Napvilág, Szaktudás. The database is accessible for the users of the library from within the nework of the PTI.

Szabad hozzáférés ∙ https://core.ac.uk/

CORE’s mission is to aggregate all open access research worldwide and deliver unrestricted access for all. CORE harvests research papers from data providers from all over the world including institutional and subject repositories, open access and hybrid journal publishers.

Limited access ∙ http://eisz.szotar.org

This database provides access to the dictionaries of the Akadémiai Kiadó (Academic Publishing House). The database can be accessed from within the LAN network of the Protestant Theological Institute.

Limited access ∙ http://adtplus.arcanum.hu

The largest Hungarian database containing scientific journals, encyclopedias, newspapers and series. Completeness is essential, we digitize every year, every volume, every number and we check page by page the documents.

Szabad hozzáférés ∙ https://www.hathitrust.org

HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.

Szabad hozzáférés ∙ https://ixtheo.de

The new IxTheo is a comprehensive bibliography for theology and religious studies. It is now possible to search not only for articles, but also for monographs, databases and relevant Internet links.