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Gaal György --- 2018

This study presents the life and activity of Sándor Berde (1856–1894). Berde was born in a little village in Seklers’ Land. He studied in and graduated from the Reformed College of Nagyenyed (Aiud). He continued his studies in Vienna, Jena and Basel. He became an adherent of the liberal theology having a predilection for scientific results instead of the old religious teachings. During his studies in Jena, he specialized himself in New Testament theology.

Petrov Anita --- 2018

This study deals with the life and works of minister, teacher and bishop Lajos Erőss (1857– 1911). The first part of the article focuses on his theological studies. In the second part, we address various aspects of his ministry in the church and his activity as a bishop.

N. N. --- 2007
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2012
Kállay Dezső --- 2012
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2013
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2013
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2016
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2016
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2016
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2016
Kolumbán Vilmos József --- 2016
Adorjáni Zoltán --- 2017
Balogh Béla --- 2012

Dr. Geréb Pál (1912–1991) teológiai professzor emlékezete. - Összeállította: Adorjáni Zoltán

Hermán M. János --- 2012

A 110 éve született d. dr. Dávid Gyula emlékére. - Összeállította: Adorjáni Zoltán