I've read a good book. Discussions about current theology. Focus: Hermeneutics

How to speak about God in a society for which the basic questions are no longer God-related questions? Can a church built on Bible be pluralistic? We are talking about hermeneutics. Invited speaker: Dr. Zsolt Geréb, prof. emeritus of the PTI.

How can we deal with the manyfold interpretations of the New Testament, all claiming legitimacy, which can hardly be denied from a textual point of view? Can the church built on Bible be pluralistic? Can we interpret the Bible beyond the intellect, in the context of feelings, deeds and images? How can the church talk about God-qestions in a society whose basic questions are not God-related any more? Or is theology dealing with problems that are nobody's problems any more?

Through a generous support of the Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweitz Foundation, the Theological Institute has started a four years project envisaging the acquisition of recent theological literature to support teaching and research at the Institute. By this project we've recently managed to buy more than 70 significant new titles from all fields of theology. We would like to bring these important works to life by talking about them.

A second event in this series will take place on March 28, addressing a recent book of the Swiss scholar, Ulrich Luz,Theologische Hermeneutik des Neuen Testaments. The introduction will be held by Dr. Zsolt Geréb, emeritus professor of the Protestant Theological Institute.