Gróf Bánffy Miklós végső útja nyomában

Gy. Dávid Gyula: Gróf Bánffy Miklós végső útja nyomában. In: Református Szemle 108.4 (2015), 425-432. pp.

Count Miklós Bánffy (1873—1950) writer, politician, actor, the organizer of cultural life in Transylvania between the two World Wars, was the principle overseer of the Transylvania Reformed Church District between 1928—1948. After the Second World War, in 1949, he obtained the permission to travel to his wife in Hungary. He died on July 6, 1950 in Budapest. The funeral speech was held by bishop László Ravasz. His remains were transported from the cemetery of Budapest, Farkasrét, to the family crypt at the Házsongárd cemetery of Kolozsvár (Cluj) in 1976. His place of burial received a first memorial plaque in 2000. Another plaque was placed inside the crypt in front of his urn in 2014.