Az eucharisztia és a kiengesztelődés viszonya a Didachéban

Juhász Zoltán: Az eucharisztia és a kiengesztelődés viszonya a Didachéban. In: Református Szemle 100.3 (2007), 590-600. pp.

The Relationship of the Eucharist and Reconciliation in the Didaché. The author analyzes the relation of the Eucharist and reconciliation through one of the well-known writings of the Early Church – The Lord’s Teaching to the Nations Through the Twelve Apostles. Christianity has evolved from Judaism, and despite many differences there are still numerous similarities, overlaps as the feast, liturgy, prayer, Holy Communion and the renewal of the covenant. The meaning and content of the Eucharist went through several changes during the history of the Church, and differences of opinion on this point exist even in our days. The Eucharist is an important part of Christian faith which lives in the Parousia, through this Christians are in ongoing relation with the resurrected Lord. As a result of the reconciliation of Christ, the participation of Christians in the Eucharist enforces their relation to each other. The strong relationship between the Eucharist and reconciliation is clearly stated in the 8th verse of the 4th chapter of the Didaché: “for if ye are partakers in that which is immortal, how much more in things which are mortal”.