Az „engesztelhetetlen” Vladimir Jankélévitch a Pardonner? tükrében

Visky Sándor Béla: Az „engesztelhetetlen” Vladimir Jankélévitch a Pardonner? tükrében. In: Református Szemle 111.1 (2018), 36-46. pp.

This paper is an analysis of the text entitled Pardonner?, published in 1971 by the French philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch. This paper is, to a certain extent, a counterpoint, to Jankélévitch’s earlier writing, Le Pardon (1967). This earlier publication is a calm indicative, while the later publication poses a question: Pardonner? Of course, this latter is not a suspension of what had been written before, but it shows that the creative yes of forgiveness can easily be made irrational and, thus, questionable by a lack of repentance, the tormentor’s arrogance which leads him to think he is indeed worthy of the immeasurable gift offered to him by the victim.