Makkai Sándor egyházi és nemzetnevelési reformjai

Székely Csilla Imola: Makkai Sándor egyházi és nemzetnevelési reformjai. In: Református Szemle 110.3 (2017), 249-267. pp.

This paper presents a summary of Sándor Makkai’s lifework (1890–1951) focusing on his frequent appeals to reform. This study concentrates on those publications in which he reassesses national, ecclesiastical and personal issues. I offer a review of the situation of the church, the theological education, the components of the national pedagogy and minority politics. We also perceive his major achievements as a pastor, as a theological professor and as the bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District. He was critical towards the practices and beliefs of his age, and his reforms aimed to reach the most divergent issues. He raised existential questions, encouraged the members of his nation of a minority status. He superseded his age with his vision, so that some of those still wait to be accomplished. Sándor Makkai was the loud conscience of his generation.